On time, friendly, and did a great job.

Jessica T

I can’t say enough of how much I love Trista! She made my Harley Quinn dreams come true today! She coloured matched the red and blue, she took from mouse brown to honey blonde just like Harley in the comics! <3<3<3<3 1000% recommend this woman! Cosplaying without my wig is gonna be amazing!

Sharon K

Trista was an exceptional stylist for my daughter and her bridal party of six!  She amazingly accommodated a short notice request, hours away from home. Trista spent two hours with my daughter prior to the day of the wedding doing trial hairstyles until they found exactly what she wanted. 

The day of the wedding, Trista drove four hours to meet the bridal party and style their hair. She created six beautiful hairstyles on ladies with all different lengths of hair, all on her own! Then she did my daughter’s hair exactly the way she wanted it, and it looked absolutely stunning!  Trista is a very kind person, with a great sense of humour, and added to the joy of our special day!! Thank you so much, Trista!! 

Megan K

Thank you! It was such an amazing day! Thank you again for travelling so far and doing everyone’s hair. Everyone was talking about how much fun you were and enjoyable it was getting their hair done. I hope you got to take a walk through the gardens before you left!